Cheers to 20 Years of Multnomah Group!

Today, November 3, marks Multnomah Group's 20th anniversary! Founding principals Erik Daley and Scott Cameron reflect on the last 20 years and share their goals for the future of our company.

20 years - What thoughts and emotions come to mind when you think about that?

Erik: When I think about Multnomah Group reaching its 20-year milestone, a flurry of emotions and thoughts rush through me. Firstly, there's a profound sense of pride. Two decades in business isn't just a measure of time; it's a testament to our resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to our mission and clients. It's also a tribute to the incredible team we've built – individuals who, year after year, have poured their expertise and passion into ensuring we remain at the forefront of our industry.
Then, there's gratitude. We've had the privilege of working with extraordinary clients, and it has been an honor to be entrusted with their business and to have been a part of their growth and success. Our journey has been enriched by the relationships we've cultivated, and we're deeply thankful for the trust and collaboration that has been shown to us.
Lastly, there's a feeling of anticipation. While we pause to celebrate this milestone, we also look to the future with excitement. The past 20 years have laid a robust foundation, and it's upon this that we aim to innovate, expand, and continue to make a positive impact in the years to come.

Scott: When we started Multnomah Group, I never gave much thought to what we would look like 20 years into the future. The focus was always on what was right ahead of us. Looking back, I am amazed by the contrasts with where we are versus where we started. In many ways, we are the same: our focus on helping plan fiduciaries, our belief in maintaining our independence, and our objective to create successful retirement programs. But the work we do, the clients we help, and the team we work with is very different from anything I might have imagined when we launched. The only way I can reconcile those differences is through our core values. While change is a constant, we have continued to focus on helping plan fiduciaries create successful retirement programs for their employees. 

Looking back, anything you would have done differently along the way?

Erik: Reflecting on our journey, while there's much to be proud of, if there's one thing I would have done differently, it would be to truly grasp the power of gratitude earlier in my career. Gratitude not only fosters positive relationships and builds trust but also provides perspective, grounding us in moments of challenge and amplifying our joys in times of success. Recognizing and expressing gratitude more deeply and frequently would have added even more richness to our journey. 

Scott: While there are always decisions that, with the benefit of hindsight, I would have made differently, nothing sticks out. We are the product of all of those decisions, good and bad, and I love where we are as a firm. The one thing personally that took me longer to learn than I would have liked is to stay focused on what we believe is core: core clients and core services. When trying to build a business it can be tempting to chase the new thing. More often than not that new thing is a distraction from what we do best and where we can add the most value for our clients. 

As you look toward the next milestone year, what goals do you have for the company?

Erik: The last 5 years have largely been dedicated to building a sustainable and independent firm that is poised to allow employees to develop professionally and emerge as shareholders and participants in our continued success.  I look forward to seeing the fruits of those investments.

Scott: I am excited for the next decade to come. We have set ambitious goals for our organization, and I am excited to work with our team to achieve those goals. Throughout our history, growth has been a tool that enables us to provide more opportunities for employees and our clients. I enjoy helping employees learn about our industry, take on new challenges, and excel in their professional growth. As our team expands, and employees gain more experience, we are able to provide better services to clients that are facing continued complexity in managing their retirement program and fiduciary responsibilities.

Scott_Erik_Day 12023 erik and scott

(LEFT: Scott and Erik, November 3, 2003.)
(RIGHT: Erik and Scott, Sept. 17, 2023 at Multnomah Group's 20 year anniversary team celebration.)

Earlier this fall, Multnomah Group held a 20th anniversary celebratory dinner while we had our full team in Portland. We hope you enjoy a few photos from the wonderful evening.

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