What Goes into your Fiduciary File? Participant Related Documents

We’re heading into the last category of our blog series focused on what materials a plan sponsor should include in their fiduciary file. 

In review, we have covered: 

Below are the participant related documents you should keep in your file.

  • Participant records may include census data, account balances, and contributions and earnings
  • Hardship and loan documentation.
  • Statements and notices including the Summary Annual Report and 404(a)(5) fee disclosures.
  • Participant Education & Advice materials the vendor uses with participants.
  • Any written communications that promise a benefit, right or feature, such as the employer's commitment to an employer contribution to the plan.  

With the help of an experienced and knowledgeable plan advisor, keeping a plan in compliance and conducting best practices is achievableIf the DOL comes calling and you don’t have a Retirement Plan Committee or the committee does not meet regularly, answering their questions and requests can be unnecessarily difficult, time consuming, and uncomfortable. Keeping a current fiduciary file is not only prudentit makes sense. 

For a short guide on all five categories, download our "Fiduciary File: What Is It and What Do You Keep In It?" resource.

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