Never Stop Learning

Routinely, we get our consulting team together in Portland for short collaborations. During this time, we can both share ideas and experiences, and also provide training on issues that are changing in either product innovation, the regulatory environment, or changes in technology and process.

In working with plan sponsors for over two decades, and here at Multnomah Group for the last 16 years, I enjoy the fact that no two years look the same.  Changes in regulations, innovations in products structure, and emerging research from behavioral economists bring different challenges and opportunities that even long-term clients of the firm benefit from.

Our training last week included:

  • Reviews of economic performance in Q1
  • Compliance testing in qualified plans
  • Pension plan strategies
  • SEC compliance training
  • Nonqualified plan design and operation

One of the initiatives I am most proud of is the work our consulting team has done to develop a comprehensive fiduciary training program to ensure that our clients stay equally aware of the changes impacting their retirement plans.  The effectiveness of our work with clients is impacted significantly by where our committees are in the learning curve.

Different committees have differing levels of training and experience in managing retirement benefits.  Our fiduciary training structure is flexible to meet committees at their knowledge level and flexible enough to address the specific issues clients are wrestling with.

Unlike other organizations who may purchase training materials from third parties, the development and packaging of our training program has been a cross-organization process that weaves our values related to independence and transparency into the education process. 

For more information on our training curriculum please click here  or speak with your consultant.

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