Leaving an Impression, Saying Goodbye to Alan

For the past 13 years, I have had the great fortune to work alongside Alan Dick here at the Multnomah Group. But I have known him for nearly twice that time. At the end of this year, Alan will be stepping away from the firm to spend more time with his wife, two daughters, and grandchildren.      

Shortly after receiving my undergraduate degree and relocating to Seattle, I was hired by a retirement plan administration firm owned by Alan. Working for Alan, he nurtured my potential and provided me with numerous opportunities to try and fail at new things under his tutelage.

I learned from a combination of my mistakes and from watching his successes in front of clients.

When Scott Cameron and I founded Multnomah Group, the first person we shared the business plan with was Alan. He helped us identify the flaws in our plan with the same clarity and candor he delivered so frequently as a consultant to clients across the country.

In our earliest days, Alan extended our young business credit to grow, referred us to projects to keep us busy, and eventually referred us to our first higher education client (now one of the cornerstones of our practice).

Eventually, Alan would come to work with us. He has lead client engagements, helped us refine our growth and operations strategies, and most recently spearheading our training and development efforts. Whether employed here or not, Alan has always availed himself and served as a key advisor to the firm. But even before then, he provided me mentorship that has been a crucial part of the foundation of my personal and professional development.

Multnomah Group will forever be appreciative of his contributions, and I will be continually thankful for everything Alan has taught me as well.

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