Orion Ascent 2024 Conference

Last month, Multnomah Group advisors Scott Cameron and Amy Barber, along with client service coordinator, Jennifer Tamayo, attended the Orion Ascent 2024 Conference in San Diego, California. This conference provided education and content in spaces ranging from FinTech, Planning, and Practice Management.

Amy found the education sessions on Behavioral Finance especially interesting and valuable, stating the following:

At Multnomah Group, we don’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all philosophy of investment management. Our clients’ situations are unique, which makes them unique investors. Behavioral Finance uses economics and psychology to explore why people make emotional rather than logical decisions when it comes to money; for example, why people panic-sell during a market downturn. Being able to better understand our clients’ biases and emotions is an important key to creating a sound financial plan because we can tailor our communications appropriately; especially during certain periods in the market that might otherwise lead to financially irrational decisions.

Multnomah Group recognizes the high value of continuing education for all employees and how it enables us to improve our clients’ experience and engagement. Last month’s conference was the first of a few we plan to attend this year, so we look forward to sharing more on the interesting topics we’re learning about in the future.

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